Management Style

ByDesign Construction Group has a personalised, professional and collaborative project delivery approach where all clients are consulted and input is encouraged. This approach fosters a harmonious and trusting environment for all project stakeholders leading to a positive and successful outcome, for each and every project.

Our personalised service ensures that our directors and all staff have an active involvement in the successful on-time project delivery of each and every project.

Planning & Implementation

Early planning via our detailed programs and methodology enable the identification of the critical path and highlight lead time items and key milestones that are crucial to the successful delivery of the project. During this time our open communication process is evident via our regular PCG and/or client meetings, where all facets of project requirements are tabled:

  • Program
  • Budget forecasts,
  • RFI’s
  • Permits
  • Site specific issues

Our collaborative and consultative management style extents through all ByDesign staff and sub-contractors and into our daily approach with building managers, consultants and indirect project stakeholders. ByDesign Construction Group maintains open lines of communication with all participants throughout each project to ensure all parties are up-to-date with current site activities.

ByDesign Construction Group has a select network of sub-contractors and suppliers who have a strong history if delivering quality results on all projects.

Risk Management

ByDesign Construction Group constantly analyse and appraise each and every project that we undertake for possible risks associated with daily site activity’s including Occupational Health & Safety issues along with potential Environmental hazards.

ByDesign ensure that our management staff have attained suitable OH&S training and accreditation in this crucial area, we also provide all of our contractors with a comprehensive induction at the commencement of every project that is site specific. This induction aims to identify potential risks and how to minimise an/or eliminate them wherever possible. With an impressive safety record that spans the last 7 years, ByDesign are committed to continuing to set standards for others to follow.

Occupational Health & Safety

ByDesign Construction Group recognises that occupational health & safety is pivotal in the success and delivery of each and every project. We have developed a comprehensive management system that enables our staff and sub-contractors to work safely and confidently in the knowledge that any potential hazards and risks are identified, eliminated or reduced to maintain a safe working environment.

ByDesign ensure that our OH&S standards are maintained to the highest level via constant communication and consultation with stakeholders and sub-contractors, by utilising tool box meetings, safety committees, site safety walks and reviewing of safe work method statements.

Environmental Management

Where environmental risks are evident, ByDesign review documentation such as environmental management plans, work method statements and an environmental impact checklist is prepared to ensure the risk is identified and either removed or minimised wherever possible. Regular project briefings are held to discuss the project risks promptly after identification, to ensure that all parties have an understanding to the risk and have the opportunity to provide input.


Our involvement with the project does not finish at handover and every effort will be made to ensure that our client’s integration into their new environment is seamless. ByDesign ensure that any number of defects that may be apparent will be rectified in a timely and convenient manner. ByDesign ensure handover manuals and as-built documentation is produced and submitted in a timely manner at project completion. We take pride in our work and will assist our clients in any capacity to allow a smooth integration into their new surroundings.

Memberships and Registrations

  • Mater Builders Association of Victoria
  • Registered Commercial Building Practitioners
  • ByDesign Construction Group is listed on the Victorian Government approved Construction Supply Register (CSR) with the Department of Transport
  • ByDesign Construction Group is code compliant with the National Code of Practice for the Building and Construction Industry of Australia
  • Certificates of Currency are available upon request for Contract Works, Public Liability, Work Cover and Professional Indemnity
  • Green Star Associate via the Green Council of Australia
  • IPRO Live Accredited
  • Sassy Accredited